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ALERT ALERT ALERT alert alert this m35a2 was stolen in gunnison recently. contact Ernest walker at if you have seen it


The Fetters Clan recently recovered some Dodge 741 (M37 vehicles. A ‘53 and ‘54 M37 along with a ’54 M56 M2B crash/rescue truck. Click here to take you to a picture page.

ATTENTION!!! The MVCC xmas party has been scheduled for Saturday December 5th at 1800 at Brooklyns.

please download the Colorado statutes governing license plates on military vehicles click here

Also a very importatnt Article on military vehicle registration in Colorado Click here

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Lew Ladwig has numerous M151 (Mutt parts for sale. Check the FOR SALE page for a lsiting and some pictures.

Looking for a vehicle/gear? Check out Resources/For Sale section (click on pictures to right)

Updated 27 NOV 15

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