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Membership information

Ownership of a military vehicle is not required to be a club member

We welcome anyone interested in the preservation of vintage historical military vehicles to join the MVCC and partcipate with us in the many events we partake in, vehicle or not. The MVCC participates in an average of over 24 events every year in Colorado including parades, air shows, historical re-enactments, gun shows, dedication ceremonies, special appearances, Veteran's Tributes, etc.  For some events we worked with city and county municipalities, US Military organizations, and groups dedicated to supporting our troops and preserving our military heritage.  We have won numerous trophies and awards and received recognition for our efforts.   We even appeared on TV a few times!  We have currently have close to 100 members including a few ladies out there who share our enthusiam for this hobby.  We can bring and display as many as 35 vehicles to larger events when necessary.   There are several members who are currently working feverishly to complete on-going restoration projects which will only add to our current line-up. We have a busy 2010 season planned.  Click here for current schedule. If you would like more information on our events, please visit our Events Calendar tab or contact either Phil Movish (President), Frank Scholer (Vice President), Jonathan Hoffmeier (Secretary) or Phil Curry (Treasurer) - their information is available under the Contact Us tab. 

If you have a military vehicle (any condition) or are just interested our hobby, we suggest you attend one of our meetings and see if this is something you would like to do. Meetings are most commonly held the first Friday of each month at the Dino Diesel shop in Sedalia, CO. Click here for map If you have a vehicle, part(s), item, or uniform that you would like to donate to our organization we would gladly accept it and add it to our collection.  Our members have a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience and serve as a valuable resource for anyone interested in military vehicles.  If you would like to join our organization, please click the link below and fill out a membership application.  The form is self-explanatory. Click here for a MVCC Membership application.

Membership dues are $30.00 per year.  Members receive our online newsletter, the O.D. News, and e-mail notifications regarding parades, social events, air shows, and other activities.  You will also receive a welcome package.   Thank you for showing your interest in our club.

For more information on membership in the MVCC please contact either:
Phil Movish, President, at 303-638-8233 email: president@mvcconline.og
Lew Ladwig , Vice Presiden email:  fladwig@msm.com
Chris Raasch, Secretary email : ncc1603@aol.com  
Phil Curry, Treasurer, at 720 733 1024 email: pcorjc@msn.com

MVCC OD News Editor: Ernie Covington egalecov2@msn.com

Important Reading. MVCC BYLAWS - click on the MVCC logo to open the file. mvcc

Lew Ladwig gets his 1945 GPW on the road for the first time. Check out this link: Lew's 1945 GPW on the road for the first time in 40 years

Member Phil Curry stars in Local TV station's weather watcher watcher special: http://cbsloc.al/1Nu1dev


The Fetters Clan recently recovered some Dodge 741 (M37 et.al.) vehicles. A ‘53 and ‘54 M37 along with a ’54 M56 M2B crash/rescue truck. Click here to take you to a picture page.

Fred LaPerriere Took his impressive K53D weather station to Topeka and it was a huge hit!! check out this link for a few pictures and some big praises on his truck. http://www.cckw.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=4509

Also check out this link: http://www.airweaassn.org/COS/cosvan.htm