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The club received some neat emails from a student from a local youth services program who had viewed our website and used some of our content for his military history class and from a student in a crafts program with a scale model building program who had been doimg research on car models. Check these out and the articles the kids recommended to view. There are a large number of military equipment references in the first article. Definitely worth a look! Thanks to all the kids, especially Avery and Dexter, for the interest in our hobby.

The first email came from Avery who is in a military vehicle and World War II history class for 10-14 year olds. He wanted us to know that his class was able to get some great use out of our club's resources list. They even used some of our information for their most recent group project. Avery is one of the youngest in the class has also asked me if I could share the article where he initially became interested in military vehicle history, "The Cars, Tanks and Airplanes of WWII" So here it is. The title is a hot link to the article.

The second email came from Dexter, a student in a crafts program in a scale model building program for 8-10 year old children. He came across our "Resources" webpage. Apparently Dexter has taken a keen interest in the evolution of Jeep models over the years. Dexter found this article and wanted to share it with the club. "12 Amazing Facts You Probably Didnt Know About WWII Jeeps"