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1958 M54 5 ton cargo truck.
Unique 6cyl 602 cubic inch continental gas engine, 5 speed tranny with Hi/Low Range transfer case and overrunning clutch to engage the front axles when the rear are slipping. Fixes: Replaced the air governor,over-running clutch air shifter, fuel float, 3 axle seals.  Installed the PTO for the winch. Removed the 12x20's and put back the original tire size on 11x20's. Fixed all but the smallest of air leaks in the system. Went through all of the fluids (including air filter). I have several manuals for the servicing and repair of the vehicle as well. Asking 10,000. Contact Ben Weiskopf at Sirb3n@comcast.net or 303-324-9281. Click on pictures below for larger vesion.

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