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Colorado Historic Military Vehicle License Plate Bill is law!!


Below is a link to the Colorado statutes that regulate license plates on military vehicles. Please print out at least the excerpts from the following sections and keep them in your vehicle!! Sections 42-1-102 and 42-3-202.

Colorado Statutes Regulating Plates on Military Vehicles


The law took effect 8/11/10. The legislation deletes the requirement for historic military vehicles to display state issued license plates and allows for the vehicles to utilize unit and organizational bumper registration numbers and markings as they did in active service. You may now remove your license plates and legally drive without them!  Titling, registration and insurance requirements have not changed. Under the Bill, you must keep your license plates in the vehicle and show them to a law enforcement officer if requested along with your registration and proof of insurance. We strongly recommend that everyone print out the info contained in the above document keep it in their vehicles.  In particular the Fiscal Note document will provide good info to a law enforcement officer if you are ever pulled over for not having plates.  As can be expected, most law enforcement officers will not be aware of this new law.